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What Reading and Writing Black Books Means to Black Authors with GlitteringFoxReads!

A huge shout out to GlitteringFoxReads for allowing me space to talk about what reading and writing Black books mean to me! Here is a snippet of the interview below.

I knew I always wanted to write about Black people being in love. I longed to create stories where Black men unabashedly loved Black women and the children from that union, or the children blended by that union.

Reading Black authors comes natural to me. I don’t feel whole if I don’t have a vast majority of Black authors on my bookshelf. I remember growing up in this small town in Mississippi. My mom always made sure we had some kind of books in the house. They were mostly all Disney books, but when I got a little older, I found books like Little House on the Prairie, Babysitters’ Club, books by Christopher Pike, Sweet Valley High, etc. It was rare that I saw kids or people who looked like me between the pages of those books.

Then one day, I was at an older cousin’s house, and I found a book with a Black woman and Black man on the cover. Until then, I’d never seen Black folk on a book cover, and this was in the early 90s. I remember it being a BET Arabesque book. For days I’d sneak and read that book. I had no business reading that at such a young age, but I was engrossed. There was this Black man loving and cherishing this Black woman. I was enamored. Up until that point, all I’d read by Black people were autobiographies. From then on, all I did was search out fiction books by Black authors, Black women specifically.

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