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Love, Lies & Pleasure by Kai Leakes

Black on black on black! Black love is in abundance in Kai Leakes newest release, Love, Trust & Pleasure. This is the second book in her Brothers of Kemet (BOK) series. Let me just go ahead and let you guys know that the further along this series gets, the more you’re going to love the men you meet. I have my fave, but let me get into this review. I'm not going to even hold y'all. Let's jump right into this review. First thing I want to say is, if you haven't read book 1, please do before you jump into book 2.

Kwame is tall, dark and handsome in every sense of the word. We learn early on that he is still grieving the loss of his wife. Throughout the first novel, Kai Leakes does a great job of showing this without making it the focal point of why Kwame is who he is. However, in book 2, he kind of goes off the rails a bit early on when he calls Karma by his deceased wife's name. That threw me for a loop because as I said, in book 1 Kai did a good job of showing Kwame grieving, but in a healthy manner. Kwame is everything we women dream of when we say we want a man to love us the right way. He's BLACK, he's respectful, he's kind, he's rich as f*ck, and he got BDE; big d*ck energy. That's on top of him having a big d*ck. Whew!

Meanwhile, Karma is still dealing with the fallout behind what her ex, Reggie, has done to her. I was annoyed with Karma in the first book. In this book, I'm just done with her all together. I've never met a more infuriatingly stupid woman in all my life. Why she was still trying to go see Reggie and get answers after the mess he made of her life in book 1 was beyond me. I honestly wanted Kwame to be done with her because at that point, after that big fight, the fact that she was still trying to go be anywhere near Reggie was a huge red flag. However, Kwame was still wanting him some Karma. I couldn't be mad at him. When you want what you want, nothing can stop you. And that man wanted Karma.

I gotta say, once the big reveal happened, I didn't like how Karma, Asia, Ty, and almost everyone else jumped down Kwame's throat. I didn't like all the fights that happened in the book as I felt like some of them were unnecessary. I thought everyone was making a big deal that Kwame chose to "lie by omission". I kind of get it, but I didn't get it. I don't want to say too much so not to spoil the book, but I think every last one of them were wrong, including Karma. She has been stupid about Reggie in books 1 & 2, but she wanted to jump down Kwame's throat, a man who had been nothing less than good to her, but she couldn't stand up to Reggie's trifling behind? She really lost me at that point. Kwame was a good man, upstanding, wasn't broke, busted and disgusted like Reggie. He deserved better treatment.

Once again, Karma did some stuff in this book that made me wonder if she liked going through bullcrap for the sake of going through bullcrap. Some of the things she did got a heavy side-eye from me.

All-in-all, this book gave us romance, love, lust, a sprinkle of side-eye worthy moments, with a whole lot of pleasure!

I give Love, Trust & Pleasure book 2 four-pages (think four stars).

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